Tom E. Lewis as TOMMY

Tom E. Lewis plays the corrupt Aboriginal Land Council boss TOMMY in Goldstone.

Tom E. Lewis was born and raised in South Eastern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory amongst the Murrungun tribe.  Tom came to prominence as the lead in the chilling feature film The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith.  Other feature films Tom has appeared in include The Proposition, Red Hill, September, The Life of Harry Dare, Slate, Wyn and Me, Robbery Under Arms and We of the Never Never.

Tom E. Lewis has also had a successful career in theatre and television.  TV series Tom has starred in include:  The Circuit, Double Trouble, Rose Against the Odds, The Flying Doctors and A Town Like Alice. Theatre credits include Lift em Up Socks, Othello and most recently, an Indigenous King Lear in a production of The Shadow King that he co-created with Michael Kantor.